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Our piercer Elaine has nurtured a love for body piercing since 2013. After years of admiration and research, their apprenticeship started in August of 2022. Well equipped with their Bloodborne Pathogens, CPR and First Aid Certifications your health and comfort as the client are kept at the forefront of your piercing experience. With the consistent continuance of their educational journey, they have completed the Essentials 2022 coursework from the Association of Professional Piercers. 


Having a heavy medical influence through their learnings combined with knowledge on anatomy and healing the result will be something that compliments your body and your ideas! Our sterilization processes and piercing techniques are always evolving to meet optimal standards. 


They have experience with curations using  high quality piercing jewelry from brands like Neometal, Junipurr Jewelry, BVLA etc. Only the best, biocompatible jewelry will be offered.


Being a piercer is not just about performing the piercings. There are endless responsibilities that being a piercer holds. Quality of jewelry, educating clients and being there to aid them throughout the entire process are only some of crucial parts of this role.

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